Tuesday, November 11, 2008


How many of you love campfires? I know that I love a good SMORE. Just recently, I attended a campfire social event on ISTE Island in Second Life with other educators. This event was a big success from my view point. There were great discussions about how to use Second Life in education. Look for future ISTE events posted at the ISTE Island Headquarters. If you can not find it while touring Second Life, do a search for me the NCTIES General Contractor, EJ Escobar. I am always looking for more friends to share a campfire SMORE with and discuss how to get technology moving in education.


Mrs. LaChance said...

I look forward to hearing more about the plans for SL at the conference! Are there any SL gatherings planned for discussion of the upcoming conference? It would be neat to chat with some of the other conference attendees/presenters beforehand.

NCTIES said...

We are just beginning to explore how we can use SLife with our conference. Any ideas are welcome.