Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Cool Cat Teacher" Vicki Davis - Bring Stories, Cellphones and Laptops!!

Hello, North Carolina Teachers!

If you've had some technology transform your classroom in the past few years, you're invited to pick up your webcam or video camera and create a brief 1 minute video about your extreme classroom makeover. Share the technology(ies) (show it to us if you can) and the students using the technology. The only requirement is that you must be a teacher in North Carolina and that you upload your video by March 2nd. Just make your video and upload to Teacher Tube ( or youtube ( and tag it NCTIES_2009 and your story may be shared on our big screen as part of the NCTIES: Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition.

It is a great experience to be part of the grassroots movement of teachers around the world to connect and improve our classrooms in such amazing ways. Your teachers in North Carolina already rock and we've already been chatting over twitter and through our blogs about how great NCTIES will be this year.

It seems just like yesterday in November of 2005 when I went to my own state conference and first learned about blogs and wikis and all of these other strange names and then this past December to win awards for best teacher blog and best wiki in education is almost surreal! The thing I'd like to share most is that the teachers need not be scared or nervous but can take small steps in their daily teaching that will make a big difference. It isn't about winning awards but really about being great teachers!

Last week, as several teachers and I watched students from around the world laughing and enjoying the company from one another in the middle of a public market in the Middle East for the first Flat Classroom Conference, it really struck me that we can make connections from our classrooms that can improve our world in positive ways. We can use technology in positive ways can be the legacy that the best teachers of today will leave for the next generation.

Oh, and, by the way -- bring your cell phone and laptops to the Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition Opening Keynote -- you might just need them as we makeover your thoughts of a keynote! See you soon!

Vicki Davis,
Cool Cat Teacher!

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